About Us

The History Of Doodle Pies

What prompts an engineer to start a pie company?

It’s a classic story of someone following their passion.

It all started with a much-needed vacation. Back in 2016, Eric and Anne took a trip abroad and it was there that they discovered that Anne’s favorite flower was Eric’s favorite fruit- the passion flower and passion fruit.

Eric had always wondered why there wasn’t a passion fruit pie, so when they returned, he decided to experiment with his own recipe. He successfully created a passion fruit pie, and his family loved it. He knew there was potential there, but couldn’t put his finger on exactly what that was.

Months past and Eric was becoming increasingly tired of corporate America. After leaving church one Sunday, the idea hit him. He thought, “What if we create single-serve pies and let the customer choose what they want? They can experiment and discover new flavorful combinations!”

It was the birth of a family-owned and operated pie company. 

Today, passion fruit is one of their signature pies. Try one or create your own signature pie at Doodle Pies!

A Freshly Baked Pie Company

For almost a year now, Doodle Pies could only be found at local festivals and farmer’s markets. Well, now we are open and ready for business at our brick and mortar location in wonderful Roswell Georgia.

We invite you and your family to be part of our family-owned pie company. Try some different Doodle Pies and share them with your friends. Help us spread the joy of pie to those we love.