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Adventures of Eating Pie

Would you consider yourself a foodie or a traditionalist? I’m going to give you my definition of a foodie, someone who considers eating and exploring different flavors and textures of food as an exciting adventure. While a traditionalist is one who is quite confident in their food choices and feels no need to ever change their order. Yes, I’m speaking about myself.

I’m the traditionalist when it comes to food, while Eric is the adventure-seeking foodie. Eating pie has now become an adventure in our home. How many flavor combinations can we come up with. But now you can adventure with us. Do you have an interesting idea of bringing different combinations together?

It started with Eric suggesting I put white chocolate into my peach pie. During this experimentation, I was quite reluctant. My thoughts were exactly this, “White chocolate will wreck a peach pie!!” I was quite wrong. The flavor of cooked down peaches and melted white chocolate morsels was decadent.

So there I sat with reluctance, while I pressed my fork into the flaky buttery crust, passing through to retrieve some peaches and a few melted morsels. There all three flavors sat on my fork, ready for me to try. Could this really work? Will this be good?

To my surprise, I absolutely loved it! It’s nothing I would have chosen to try on my own but Eric has learned that this food traditionalist will always be reluctant. I just need some coaxing.

We already have a menu waiting for you to try. The Peachy Satisfaction has Peach, white chocolate, and walnuts for added crunch. But come looking for an adventure. Try something you have never tried before.

But this exploration has just begun. We can’t just stop at what’s inside the pie. What about what’s outside the pie? Ice cream seems a needed topping, or maybe just a simple dollop of whipped cream. I think either one you choose is a winner.

A hot pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and…… topped with some fresh fruit. Maybe you want some caramel sauce drizzled over your apple pie and ice cream.

How will you eat this decadent dessert? As a food traditionalist, I must scoop a little bit of pie with a little bit of ice cream. But maybe you can dump it all in a bowl and try to eat it a new way?

To adventure with us looks a little like this:

  • Try new flavors inside your pie.
  • Try new flavors outside pie.
  • Try a new way to eat your pie.

This is why at Doodle Pies we like to say “Think outside the Pie

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