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My Problem with Pie

Why I never really liked pie wasn’t something I really thought about it. I just knew if I was given the option I would pick a brownie or a cake….but not pie. When the idea came to Eric about having a unique pie shop where someone could pick their own flavors, I first thought to myself, “Do that many people like pie?”

After some thought, I realized where my hesitation in this dessert came from. The crust!! I don’t like hard, dry crust. Maybe Oreo crust or gram cracker crust, or even the crust under our pumpkin mousse which is made from gingersnap cookies. But that uneventful crust I seemed to associate with is what left me pondering, “Do people really love pie that much?”

It helps that Eric is passionate about making good food and this translated to many days experimenting with ratios and cook times. I got to sample many pie crusts and I’m convinced I can taste the love he puts in that crust.

What about the ratio of crust to filling? I think in the past, the few pies I had eaten didn’t have a good ratio between the filling and the crust. But these single-serving pies strike a balance between the right amounts of crust to filling.

A light flaky buttery crust, now that’s perfect. If you were to dissect your pie you can see the layers that have been formed by small chunks of butter.

I suggest you come out and try our pies. If I can be converted to loving pie, I bet there’s a good chance you’ll be convinced that good pie does exist. It is served to you freshly baked in minutes.

It is safe to say now; I love pie, but not all pie. I’m picky with the crust. I would love to hear your thoughts so tell me when you come in.

Anne Mullenax


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