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People over Pie

I’ve learned a lot over the last several months about how rewarding it is to sell pie. Never would I have imagined I would be under my old tent at farmers markets selling pie. Let me tell you how we got here and what my takeaway has been through this season of selling pie under my old tent.

That tent was with me years back when I made and sold soap. I will have you know that was never my passion but a decision made out of fear. My daughter was young and I worried about what I would do when she started school.

And since passion wasn’t involved I didn’t last too long before I lost steam and closed down my soap business. A sigh of relief followed and I moved on to work for my friend who sold soap. The joy of going in to work to talk with people and connect was incredibly rewarding. It was during this time I realized people are one of my passions.

Fast forward, and Eric and I have now moved to Buford, Georgia. He had taken another job in search of the right work-life balance. He was soon met again with the demands of corporate America which so many are familiar with.

It was during this season of frustration that brought about great change within our family. I could see the lack of luster in Eric’s life. No more singing in the shower or creative ideas that use to flow readily out of him.

I was stirred in my spirit by God, and I knew change was approaching. Earlier in this year, 2021, Eric had the idea of Doodle Pies. Peace was already in me and I encouraged him to make the leap. The leap that I knew is his heart he was ready to do. The end of May marked his last days in corporate America.

Our planned timeline of course was not God’s timeline and I’ve learned more in this season than others to just go with the flow. It was during this time that we started to sign up for farmers markets. I felt nervous as it was mid-season and I had no prior experience with farmers markets.

Flowery Branch Farmers Market was our first market and such a huge blessing it has been. As we drove there the first day, I could hear the LORD whisper into my being “These are your people”. Still a little nervous I wasn’t sure exactly what HE meant.

I know a bit more about what HE meant by that. Markets are filled with people carving a new path for themselves. Getting out from something and going into new vistas. And as the weeks went by I got to know more of the other vendors who I call my friends.

Next, came selling Eric’s pies. Yes, they are his! Anything that has to do with food and flavors is his passion. He would come home from his corporate job pretty exhausted yet never exhausted enough to stay out of the kitchen. Cooking is his solace and I sure do love that.

It would be easy to be consumed with selling pie and worried about selling enough. I could have gone that route and centered my thoughts there but this would not bring me joy. However, people will bring me joy. I would continue to get gentle reminders from God that it’s not about the pie, it’s about the people.

In total, this season we have been able to participate in four farmers markets filled with awesome people. Yes, it helps that the pies are scrumptious and marvelous and it keeps people coming back, but for me, I just want to be around these beautiful souls.

So here is my list of what I’ve taken away from this season of markets:

  • A stranger doesn’t stay a stranger long.
  • People are full of creative ideas and are willing to share them.
  • A smile is very impactful.
  • Remembering names is worth the work to remember.
  • Connecting with people is far more rewarding then selling anything.

My personal motto for my season of selling pie is “people over pie”. I’m confident you will enjoy Doodle Pies because it comes from a place of passion. I am also very excited to get to know more people and enjoy this life I’ve been given to continue to make it about others.


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